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T & C's


We reserve the right to update and / or change these terms and conditions at any time by posting the revised terms and conditions on our website.


By using you agree that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Freeway Orchard is a New Zealand owned and operated business. All transactions will be made in New Zealand dollars and all prices are GST inclusive. Any charges from this website will show up on your bank statement as Freeway Orchard. 

By placing an order and paying by card online you will be charged immediately (including when pre-ordering any item). You will also be charged for pre-ordering/ordering over the phone or in store in person as soon as we have loaded your order to confirm your booking. 

Freeway Orchard will never store your card details and all transactions are done through Shopify's secure payment gateway.


Fruit ripens at different rates each year therefore all "availability", "dispatch" and "preferred dispatch" dates are just guidelines, however it is important to note pictures throughout the website are also a guideline as fruit from season to season does not always bear the same size, colour and markings. Fruit flavour, texture and juiciness can also vary from season to season and because of this, it is not possible for us to provide refunds for subjective qualities.

If the variety requested is not available, the next best substitute will be sent at our discretion. While 99% of the fruit comes from our orchard, if we are unable to supply the type of fruit requested, and if it is not possible to supply an alternative from our orchard, we supplement it with other locally / NZ grown fruit to complete the order.


Freeway Orchard will never sell your personal information or disclose it to any other third parties. We only use your details to deliver your fruit and to offer you a repeat ordering service. You can choose to create a customer account which saves your delivery details onto Shopify’s secure servers which enables you to re-order with ease.


Our cherries are mixed size, grown for the New Zealand market and are not for resale. Cherry dispatch dates are just GUIDELINES are subject to availability / the weather.

Cherries are very difficult to pick, and we cannot harvest them when it is raining. This is the nature of an orchard, and not a reflection of bad service. All orchardists cannot harvest when it is raining, and every orchardists supply is affected when it rains.

Why can’t we harvest when it is raining? We cannot harvest in the rain as the cherries can damage and split. Even after picking - wet cherries can split. We do not want to send an order that has split after we have packed it. Please understand we would rather delay a delivery than send an order that is bad quality - so please be kind to our staff if there is a delay with your delivery – they cannot control mother nature.

Due to the uncertainty of nature, and the risk weather can impose on dispatch dates, (and other factors including public holidays and our picking limitations) it is important to provide us with a delivery address where you or your recipient can receipt the cherries in the event of a delay by up to 3 business days.

Due to the volume of orders we are processing, it not always possible for us to personally contact each and every customer to advise them of this delay, so please allow for up to a 3-business day delivery buffer when placing your order.

If your order cannot be dispatched due to availability / weather, we will endeavor to notify you of the delay as soon as possible, and to help advise of alternative delivery options.


Typically, pre-Christmas cherries are either the Dawson or Rosann varieties.

We can only send what is ready to pick. If you have requested a variety for a specific date, we cannot promise that we can fulfill both that variety and that dispatch date if that variety is simply not ready. We will always send the best cherry varieties we have available for the date requested – so it is best to let us pick and deliver what is ready for the available dates.


Please note when fruit is expected to be in season, as this may not be at the time of your order placement.

Specific breeds / varieties can only be dispatched when they are in season / ready. Thus, you cannot select an exact dispatch date for them. Please note when fruit is expected to be in season, as this may not be at the time of your order placement – which will mean you might have to wait a little while for delivery if you want a specific breed / variety.

Depending on what you have ordered will affect when we can dispatch your product. Please read each products dispatch information to ensure your delivery expectations are met.

It is important to note we consolidate different varieties of fruits where possible in order for us to save on freight and reduce our carbon footprint. If you request multiple split deliveries on one order, there may be an additional freight charge as our freight charges currently automatically calculate combining items together where possible.

Fruit will be delivered to the shipping address filled in by you upon checkout. If you want to ship to multiple addresses, use the multi-ship tool provided in the checkout, or request a bulk order form by email. If there is a mistake in an address, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to rectify. If your order is already packed or collected by the couriers, then you will have to edit the address by making a parcel redirect via the tracking link.

Please provide accurate details including contact details (an email / phone number is suffice). If we find there is not enough information, we will call or email you to rectify - however we will not be held responsible for delivery failures if you have provided incorrect, or insufficient delivery details. It is your responsibility to check any addresses provided to us.

Our courier service is overnight to ensure fruit arrives in the best of condition. If your delivery address is rural, you can expect delays of around 24 hours on top of the normal delivery time. We do not recommend shipping to rural addresses for this reason, and thus will not be held responsible for deterioration of produce due to delayed rural deliveries. 

Certain unforeseen circumstances may delay your fruit delivery. Deliveries are made by NZPost using their express overnight delivery service, and the cost of shipping is per box and can vary depending on the size, weight and destination. Shipping is automatically calculated, and applied during the checkout process. You can use our shipping calculator to check shipping prices in the cart before proceeding to payment.

Please note that we do not deliver to overseas addresses. We offer New Zealand deliveries only. We cannot deliver ANY orders to a PO box - if you provide a PO box, and our dispatch team misses this, we will not be held responsible for a failed delivery as we are sending perishable products that need to be immediately receipted. 


You can redirect your parcel to another address within 75 km, as long as it hasn’t left the couriers depot yet. To do this, simply click on your tracking, and manage your delivery re-direction here. We do not recommend re-directing any parcel pre-Christmas, as this will most likely cause a delivery delay. We will not be held responsible for fruit that has deteriorated due to a delivery delay caused by a re-direction. Re-directions are at your own risk due the perishable nature of the products we sell. 


Please be aware that fruit is perishable and can deteriorate rather quickly in the wrong conditions. We do not accept returns at this time, however if your fruit arrives damaged or if for some reason your order is incorrect, we are more than happy to rectify this as long as your claim is made within 24 hours of receiving the goods. Please email us at so we can process your claim accordingly. Photos ARE REQUIRED for us to process claims for damaged or bad produce.

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